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July 2, 2016

Walkability and Property Prices

Are you a property hunter on the prowl for profitable properties to invest in? As pretty much any investor will tell you, it’s all about the location, location, location. Traditionally, this meant that your potential property should preferably be located in the ‘hot’ part of town, near various public amenities, offices, tertiary educational institutions, or at least one of the above to act as crowd-pullers. Today, though, the location of your property in relation to other, mundane necessities of life matter, too.

Walkability: The Expanded Definition

Back in the old days, everything you needed could be obtained within walking distance from your home. Townships grew, everything [...]

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April 21, 2016

How to Improve Your Home Security for Free

You’d be forgiven if your first thought to keep your valuables safe is to find places that crooks won’t look. Sure, finding safe spots (hint: drawers, closets and freezers are bad ideas) might prevent some of your valuables from being looted, but the best outcome is no burglaries at all. Even a half-thorough attempt through your home will result in property damage, so make your home formidable today! Here are some free ideas you can try:

Get a Beware of Dog sign

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a dog. The sign itself serves as a deterrent to would-be burglars; no one wants to risk being chased down and bitten by a dog when they’re looking for [...]

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April 3, 2016

How to Purchase an Under-Con Property

First off, don’t be alarmed by the word “con” in “under-con”; it is simply an abbreviation for “construction”, and it spells “under-construction” in full, which is basically a project that’s in the process of being physically realised on site. (Hopefully) no conning involved! And yes, purchasing under-con is a pretty common practice, although it differs from outright final product purchases.

What It Means to Buy Under-Con

The process of purchasing an under-con property is also known as purchasing off-the-plan, because you’ll be making your purchase based on your evaluation of two-dimensional drawings, artist [...]

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November 24, 2015

Reasons to Pay a Higher Down-Payment

If you’re new to real estate with a small fund to start with, you’re probably worried about the high loan rejection rates by Bank Negara Malaysia, which is reportedly as high as 70%, although several states such as Penang has tried to overcome this problem by creating new, lower-value categories of affordable housing, for starters, and parties have been mulling the reintroduction of DIBS (Developers Interest Bearing Scheme). Even without intervention from the government, though, you yourself have the ability to influence your loan application’s success rate, and part of that can be achieved by making a bigger down-payment.

Higher Chances of Approval

Firstly, [...]

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