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July 27, 2015

Top Internet Scams To Watch Out For

No matter how much we’ve been warned about Internet scams, we may not be aware of them when they actually come knocking at our doorstep. Hundreds of billions are lost every year via credit card frauds alone, via online schemes.

That said, do you know how to protect your wallet and sensitive personal information from these scams? Below are several common Internet scams and what to watch out for to root them out.

1. The 419 (Advance Fee) Scam

How it works: The 419 scam, also known as “Nigerian Scam” is one of the most common confidence tricks on the Internet. While this scam has been used with fax and traditional mail, it is now used with the [...]

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July 12, 2015

6 Red Flags Of A Financial Scam

You could become a victim of financial scams and lose your money and personal information if you’re not careful. But sometimes, scammers are so slick that you find yourself doubting your wariness. Here are six red flags that you should watch out for to avoid becoming a victim.

Email from Someone You Don’t Know

You’ve likely heard or read about the Nigerian email scam that asks you for an upfront payment to “process” a fund transfer, in which a good chunk of it will be promised for your help.

Image via Flickr

If you do not recognise the email sender, ignore it, especially if there’s an attachment or link. They are most likely [...]

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