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July 2, 2016

Are You Ready to Invest in Unit Trusts?

Have you decided to become more aggressive with your investments beyond fix deposits? A smart investor would tell you to not put all your eggs in one basket, so diversifying is definitely a good move.How you move, though, will determine whether your diversification will bring you profits or losses. If you’re thinking about trying your hand at unit trust investments, here’s what you need to consider first:

Your Appetite for Risk

How brave are you with your money? Your willingness to bet your money on (hopefully) informed choices will be a big determining factor when you evaluate your readiness to take the leap. Fixed deposits are a safe form of investment, but their low [...]

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July 2, 2016

How Many Types of Fixed Deposits Do You Know?

We all know that fixed deposits are practically the easiest, safest, lowest-risk form of investment available – but did you know that there’s more than one type of fixed deposit in the market? We’re not just talking Bank A versus Bank B, either.

The Standard Fixed Deposit

The standard fixed deposit is easy to understand in principle. You deposit a certain sum of money, known as your principal, into a fixed deposit account at the bank, choose a deposit term, and wait for your fixed deposit to mature in order to get your principal back plus a set interest.

The Step-Up Fixed Deposit

Have you ever stumbled across a fixed deposit advertisement and done a double-take [...]

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July 2, 2016

Get Aggressive with Fixed Deposits Today!

So you thought fixed deposits are the easiest, safest, no-hassle forms of investment around? Well, you’re both right and wrong. While the under-lying principle remains the same, there are actually ways to optimise your fixed deposit investments so that they beat the inflation rate and really generate income for you, too.

Take Advantage of Promotions

The main key to take your fixed deposit investments to the next level is to take advantage of fixed deposit promotions. Your fixed deposits are a source of funds for banks, so most banks won’t hesitate to roll a few fixed deposit promotions your way to entice you to save more with them. These promotions offer you freebies, and more [...]

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May 4, 2016

6 Reasons Why You Are In Debt

More often than not, we see red when we look at our bank account balance. If you are not managing your money well, you may be scratching your head as to how you ended up in this predicament.

It’s very disheartening to see red marks on our bank account balance, and it’s even worse if you’re scratching your head, wondering how and when it got to be there! Often it’s due to poor financial management, which luckily can be learned and habitualised. Firstly, though, you’ll need to pinpoint the reasons behind your current in-debt status. Here are six reasons why you’re in debt.

You Spend More Than You Earn

It is often as simple as that. One of the [...]

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