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July 2, 2016

Score a Cheat Flight a la Error Fare!

A large part of flight ticket booking is now automated and online. You no longer need to queue up at a counter, or wait for your number to be called, or visit a counter at all, actually. It’s all just a click away. Just because it’s computerised, though, doesn’t mean it’s error-free – that’s how error fares happen!

What are Error Fares?

Error fares are basically fares that have been wrongly priced, whether due to human or computer errors. We’re not yet advanced enough technologically for computers to feed themselves input and troubleshoot them for errors, and sometimes, policy changes plus frantically- or sloppily-updated systems equals delicious error fares for potential [...]

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July 2, 2016

A Brief Introduction to Car Insurance

For many of us, the car is our primary means of transport unless we own a motorcycle or have access to a more reliable mode of public transportation such as Kuala Lumpur’s LRTs. It’s also an expensive asset to acquire, ranking just below real estate and maybe your education, depending on where and what you studied. It’s basically a really expensive thing that you wouldn’t want to lose to an unfortunate accident. But how well do you know the types of car insurance in Malaysia, and do you know which one you’ve got?

Third Party Cover

This is the most basic type of car insurance available in Malaysia. This means that it’s compulsory for you to buy at least third party cover under [...]

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May 16, 2016

Where Should You Go to Buy Travel Insurance?

You’re all set for your next dream holiday: clothes have been purchased, luggage has been packed, flights and accommodations have been booked, but what about travel insurance, and do you need it? There are as many types of travel insurance packages as there are types of insurance. You might not even need it as the coverage offered may overlap with other insurances that you’ve purchased. If you still think you need one, though, here are the places you can go travel insurance shopping:

From Insurance Companies Image via Flickr

This is the most common way to purchase travel insurance. There are various companies that offer this insurance in Malaysia, such as Allianz, [...]

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May 16, 2016

Are Package Holidays the Real Deal?

Holidays are meant for you to relax and be stress-free.  That’s where package holiday deals come in. Want a holiday without the stress of pre-planning for it? Package holidays are the way to go. Are they worth it, though?

They’re Pricier

A package holiday is essentially a service rendered to you: a full holiday itinerary, plus accommodations, some meals, and a tour guide, and all you need to do is pay and show up when it’s time to go. None of this comes free, of course. For the cash-strapped who are looking for the best bang or their buck, the package holiday is the first thing to skip. But if you don’t mind paying to be able to forget all about your [...]

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