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July 2, 2016

Irresistible Ways to Spend to Save

When we spend, we lose money, right? Not really. The first thing that flitted through your mind when you thought of spending to save is probably investments, and you’re right – except that the investments in question isn’t limited just to fixed deposits, unit trusts, real estate, or other typical investment vehicles you know. Sometimes you have to spend a bit to potentially save a lot in the future, which is a form of investing, too.

Take Out an Insurance Policy

Unless you’re a professional who relies heavily on your body for your line of work – think along the lines of Keith Richard’s middle guitar finger or David Beckham’s legs [...]

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May 9, 2016

How to Reap Rewards from Retail Therapy

Retail therapy is a boon to your senses and a bane to your wallet, but we like it anyway to relieve pent-up stress and frustration after a long day. Luckily, psychologists have affirmed that retail therapy really does help you feel better – just at the expense of your wallet.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could strategise and justify your shopping sprees?

Spread the Cheer Image via Flickr

You feel great after retail therapy, so why not share that nice feeling with others? Sure, normally retail therapy means that you treat yourself, but nothing’s stopping you from buying gifts for someone else, and you’ll still receive that feel good factor, too! The [...]

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April 11, 2016

Where Should You Go for Groceries?


We’re all constantly looking for the best bang for our buck, but do you know where you can get it? For many urbanites, grocery shopping equals supermarkets and hypermarkets such as Tesco, Econsave, Giant, or AEON. They aren’t your only choices for groceries. Remember those wet markets and sundry shops you used to visit as a child? Don’t write them off yet just because supermarkets are convenient one-stops!


The price war is skewed towards supermarkets and hypermarkets, the big kids on the block who can sign lucrative deals for bulk purchases that wet market vendors and sundry shops find hard to beat. Indeed, with more and more retailers [...]

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August 13, 2015

The Pros and Cons of Online Shopping

Brick-and-mortar shops are no longer the only avenues for shopping. Online shops are popping up everywhere, from eBay and Amazon to Etsy, Facebook, personal blogs, to online shopping plus delivery at merchants’ websites like Tesco’s.

We’re probably window shopping ten times more often than our parents used to, simply because we see it on our news feed and in advertisements all over the Internet. Is online shopping the new way to shop?

The Pros 1. You’re able to compare prices.

No one’s rushing you to buy anything online (except maybe that limited-time deal blinking furiously at you), so you can compare prices of the products on other [...]

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