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September 9, 2015

What is a Cash-Value (Permanent) Life Insurance?

Any sort of insurance is purchased to act as a “safety net” – to protect a person and/or their assets in the event of unforeseeable incidents. The incidents that are claimable will be described in full in your insurance policy.

If a need to claim ever arises, the insurance company will either pay out a certain sum or cover the cost to repair damages. One of the type of insurance that pays out is cash-value life insurance.

What is a Cash-Value Life Insurance?

Most of us know that life insurance, or term insurance, is a type of insurance that offers death benefits to the people the insured chooses when they have passed on. However, not many of us are [...]

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August 30, 2015

11 Things You Should Know About Life Insurance

What most of us know about life insurance is that it heaps a huge pay-off upon the death of the insured, or upon expiry of the policy. However, there are more things you need to consider when you’re getting one, such as:

1. You need a higher death benefit than you think

A million-ringgit policy may sound like a lot, but if you have unpaid debts, a spouse and two children who aspire to attend college, RM1 million may not be sufficient to get them very far – especially if you wish to maintain their current lifestyle.

There are a few factors to determine how much coverage you need: your salary, whether your spouse is working or not, your need for child care, [...]

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