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Reasons to Upgrade to a Vehicle Ownership Certificate

Reasons to Upgrade to a Vehicle Ownership Certificate

by programmerJuly 2, 2016

Okay, the title’s a little misleading; it’s (eventually) compulsory for all vehicle owners to give up their old Registration Card, colloquially known as ‘geran‘, and replace it with the new Vehicle Ownership Certificate, or VOC for short. But since it’s an upgrade, aren’t you curious about what benefits the VOC brings?

It’s Going Paperless!

Do you have an innate fear of losing something as important yet insignificant as a slip of paper that literally defines your ownership of an asset? If yes, you’re not alone, and the Road Transport Department (Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan, or JPJ) sympathises with you. In their effort to digitise and keep up with the dot com generation, the paper geran has to go. The VOC will contain all relevant information regarding your vehicle and its ownership like the geran, but you won’t need to bring the VOC with you to renew your road tax or to amend particulars such as vehicle colour. You can also bid adieu to the whole running-out-of-space problem you’ve dealt with when renewing road taxes with the geran!

24/7 Accessibility

Theoretically, storing VOC details online means that you can gain access to your VOC anytime, anyday, anywhere. It’s part of JPJ’s newly-broadened spectrum of online services, and it’s supposed to facilitate ownership transfers and other vehicle-related transactions.

No Clones on the Road

Do you remember the viral post of a man who chased after then shared a photo of a car that matched his car type, colour, and number plate? That’s an example of a cloned car, and it’s something that JPJ is hoping to curb with the introduction of the VOC. It supposedly makes it difficult for car cloning syndicates to clone a vehicle’s particulars because a copy of the VOC’s details are stored in JPJ’s system.

Beat the Queues

Say goodbye to the days when you had to take a number and wait for hours to conduct a single transaction at the JPJ counter. With this transition to online-based VOCs, all you need is an Internet-capable device and an Internet connection to get cracking.

It’s FREE!

Or at least, it’s free for the first issuance of the VOC, according to JPJ’s Facebook post. You get to enjoy the convenience of online transactions without spending a sen. Then again, maybe you can consider it a paid transaction if you’re doing it along with your road tax renewal?

The Phases of VOC

The VOC will be rolled out in three phases.

Phase 1: Beginning 1 June 2016, VOCs will be issued to new car owners, whether they are for first owners or ownership transfers.

Phase 2: Beginning 1 September 2016, VOCs will be issued to owners who renew their road tax as well as those looking to amend the particulars of their vehicle, such as vehicle colour.

Phase 3: Beginning 1 January 2016, VOCs will be issued to vehicle owners who voluntarily visit a JPJ office with the intention to replace their existing geran with the new VOC.


As the new VOC system is but a few weeks old at the time of writing, it’s still a little early to see the results of this upgrade. Wait and see what happens a few months down the road!

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