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Jobs that are Also Lucrative Part-Time

Jobs that are Also Lucrative Part-Time

by programmerJuly 2, 2016


A side income is almost a must nowadays to the average employee. Your main income may have been sufficient back when you were single with no repayment commitments, but it’s very different once you have a family with children who depend on you. Here are few jobs that you can take to supplement your income without taxing your time too much:

1. Restaurant Waiter/Waitress


Go for higher-end restaurants. Chances are good that you’ll be able to command a higher salary plus bigger tips, even if Malaysians aren’t habitual tippers, unlike Westerners. Normal eateries don’t pay as generously. Keep in mind, though, that this job weighs heavily on tips rather than its near-minimal-wage pay, so if you have less tips, you get less pay.

2. Bartender

Want a job that doesn’t have the long hours of a waiter’s job? Consider bartending. Part-time bartenders usually get called in on Fridays, weekends, and public holidays when it’s peak season for bars, so you’re pretty much off the hook four days a week for equal or higher pay due to the late hours you’ll be expected to keep. The tipping can also get generous once the alcohol starts flowing.

3. Fitness Instructor


People who love getting fit and helping others get fit can consider becoming a fitness instructor during their free time. Our society is now turning to the gym for their health fix, so hit the gym as an instructor first to get a feel of things before striking out on your own if you wish.

4. Book-Keeper

Everyone needs book-keepers, though whether they just need someone with a basic understanding of accounting or a certified accountant depends on the business. Smaller businesses may look for freelancers or part-timers to do this job for them.

5. Web Designer

Do you have a flair for design and an eye for layout? Then you can try your luck as a part-time web designer. The best part is that you get to work from home, any time you wish, and – a plus for introverts – you get minimal PR time with your clients. If you’re good at what you do, you can easily command hundreds to thousands of ringgit designing a website that may take you just a few days!

6. Translator

You can translate both the written and the spoken word, although the former is more common. You can find translation jobs online, such as through the Lowyat forums, Elance, and a host of other sites besides. Verbal translations are rarer. Usually, such a translator may be needed at international conferences where some speakers do not speak the official language used at the conference. You need to have good command of the two languages you attempt to translate if you wish to make this your part-time gig.

7. Baby-Sitter

With both parents working, young children are normally left in the care of someone else for the day. That someone may be a grandparent, a relative, a daycare, or a baby-sitter. Among these, the baby-sitter is the most flexible. You can try to become one if you’re a stay-at-home person. If you’re already at home taking care of your kids, well, what’s one more or three, right?


Part-time jobs can be time-consuming, so try to find one that optimises both your time and your talents for good money!

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