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5 Secrets of Mystery Shopping

5 Secrets of Mystery Shopping

by programmerJuly 2, 2016

Mystery shopping isn’t really as mysterious as it sounds.  It is an activity where a person, the mystery shopper, enters a store and does his or her shopping.  The only difference between a mystery shopper and an ordinary person going shopping is that the mystery shopper will also be taking note of things like the cleanliness of the store, the arrangement of the products, customer service and things like that.  Once the mystery shopper leaves the store, he or she will then write a report on the store and send it in to the company that hired them.  Yes, this is something you can get paid for.  Here are some things you should know about mystery shopping before you decide to go for a career change.

Mystery shopping is not a full-time gig

While you can make quite a bit for each session of mystery shopping, the time between job offers is too long and the jobs are too few.  What’s more, there are too many people out there who choose to be mystery shoppers so the chances of you getting regular jobs are minimal.  You cannot make a living mystery shopping so please do not quit your day job.  Mystery shopping is only good as an opportunity to get side income.

Videos pay more


Sometimes, mystery shoppers are given assignments where they have to use a hidden camera to video-tape their experience at the store they are supposed to be checking.  These assignments usually pay more considering they are much harder to accomplish.  It is easier to get caught and mystery shoppers have to make sure they are taking good quality videos for the company that hired them. A report is still compulsory at the end of the day even though the main item required is the video.

Do not be afraid to buy stuff

To make it look more realistic, mystery shoppers will have to purchase things at the stores where they carry out their assignments.  Even so, they do not need to worry about having to spend their hard earned money on things they do not want because the company will reimburse them for all the money spent at a store during an assignment.  Some companies might even give you an allowance to spend at the store in question.

There are perks galore

Some mystery shoppers love the job because of the perks that the company hiring them gives out. Perks include free coupons and vouchers, free products and an abundance of samples.  Sometimes mystery shoppers even get to keep the stuff they buy at the stores where they conduct their assignments.

More than just grocery stores


Mystery shopping is in no way boring.  Besides the element of “mystery” that comes with being a spy, the places where assignments are conducted can also be really fun and interesting.  Sometimes it’s just plain old grocery stores, but other times it’s retail stores, five star restaurants, cinemas and even banks!


Mystery shopping can be a fun hobby if you are someone who likes to go shopping in the first place, and it can even make you some money on the side. If you do decide to try it, be sure to do some research on the company you are planning to get assignments from to make sure they’re legitimate!

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