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Important Tips to Keep Your Phone from Going BOOM!

Important Tips to Keep Your Phone from Going BOOM!

by programmerMay 11, 2016

Mobile phones are our modern life-lines to the outside world, so it stands as no surprise that no one wants to see it bursting into flames! Not everyone’s so lucky, though: there have been cases of phones exploding and/or catching fire, even branded ones, and sometimes this results in gruesome injuries and in extremely unfortunate cases, death, to their owners. How, then, can you prevent this disaster from happening?

Give Your Phone a Stress-Free Life

Your phone isn’t a diamond in the rough, and stressing it out won’t make it more valuable – in fact, it’s a sure way to kill it, sometimes a la self-immolation. Your phone isn’t meant to be used while being charged. Have you noticed that your device heats up when you charge it? Well, making it charge and play with you at the same time ups the ante and may potentially end your phone’s life, especially if you’re using your phone for intensive things like 3D gaming or video watching.

Just Enough is Enough

Charge your phone up to 100%, then unplug the charger once you’re done. Phone batteries can be charged for a certain number of cycles, and the charge they can store wanes with each time you charge. Modern phones are ‘trained’ to stop charging when they’re full, but leaving it charging overnight isn’t a good idea. It drains your electricity, eats up your precious charging cycle count, and increases your phone down-time.

Go for the Brand

Even well-established brands aren’t exempt from this whole mobile-phone-exploding mess, but you can reduce the risk of explosion by going for the more popular ones. (This isn’t an excuse to gun for the high-end products if you can’t afford them, though!) China brands are cheap. China brands are also so varied and obscure that you may not have heard of them before you stumbled upon them in the store. This also means that you have no way to verify their reliability and quality; you’re basically buying your way into becoming a guinea pig. When in doubt, go for a more familiar brand.

Stick to the Brand

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Once you’ve chosen your mobile phone, it’s time to stick to it. You needn’t use the same brand all your life, but your phone’s parts should all come from the same family. Do you own a Samsung phone? Then make sure you’re using a Samsung charger, Samsung battery, Samsung for anything essential for your phone to run. Oh, and don’t swap around your phone and tablet chargers, as they have different amps and using a tablet charger to charge your phone will shorten its life and really heat it up! The heftier price tag of genuine products is worth your safety.

Keep It Cool

Most of the phone explosions occur because they over-heated. They could happen if you use it while charging or leave it charging on a heat-absorbent, heat-emitting, or poorly-ventilated surface, among others. As such, sleeping with it on your bed, under your pillow, in your hand, or on your cable box is a bad idea. Ventilation is the key to cooling your phone down.

Watch for Any Sudden Battery Drains

Sudden battery drains are a sign that your phone’s battery is nearing the end of its life – or it can also be a symptom for something much more sinister, such as cracks in your phone’s chip board, which means that you’re keeping close to you a ticking time bomb. If your battery percentage takes a nose-dive that won’t stop even after you restart your device, it might be time for a quick trip to the phone clinic.


Want your phone to last longer? Prevent yourself from becoming the next victim of mobile phone explosions with these handy tips!

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