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How to Reap Rewards from Retail Therapy

How to Reap Rewards from Retail Therapy

by programmerMay 9, 2016

Retail therapy is a boon to your senses and a bane to your wallet, but we like it anyway to relieve pent-up stress and frustration after a long day. Luckily, psychologists have affirmed that retail therapy really does help you feel better – just at the expense of your wallet.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could strategise and justify your shopping sprees?

Spread the Cheer

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You feel great after retail therapy, so why not share that nice feeling with others? Sure, normally retail therapy means that you treat yourself, but nothing’s stopping you from buying gifts for someone else, and you’ll still receive that feel good factor, too! The next time you head out for a retail therapy session, shop for someone’s present instead, even if the time for giving is still far away. It’ll save you a lot of stress from last-minute purchases and pre-festive crowd crushes.

Put Off Buying What You Want

Forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest, even if they’re only temporarily forbidden and banned by yours truly. Put off buying those new shoes until you feel like venting a la retail therapy although you can afford it right now. The level of convenience we enjoy nowadays reduces the retail therapy effect when you’re not actively trying to achieve it.  After all, what’s there to feel good about when you step out to buy your favourite chocolate bar from the shop a block away? By sweeping up your delayed gratifications when you’re in therapy, you’re minimising their impacts on your wallet.

Change What You Buy

Do you inevitably meander to the apparels section or whatever department that sells your favourite pick-me-up items the moment you hit the stores? This might diminish your retail therapy joy a little bit, but consider changing what you buy when you’re out shopping into something more practical. Do you really need another blouse, or can you do with a gift card for your favourite store, which you can use on your next retail therapy trip?

Sign Up as a Mystery Shopper

What better way is there to indulge in retail therapy than by getting paid for doing it? Mystery shopping has been sneaking around quietly in Malaysia, and while the pay per stint is seldom very lucrative unlike how it is in developed countries, it can become a source of side income that can also go towards your self-financed retail therapy sessions (or, better yet, towards investments!). Your maiden mystery shopping spree is just one Google search away – just remember to check out the company first to be sure that it’s legitimate.


Retail therapy can be good for you, so tailor your sessions wisely to make the most of it!

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