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May 16, 2016

Where Should You Go to Buy Travel Insurance?

You’re all set for your next dream holiday: clothes have been purchased, luggage has been packed, flights and accommodations have been booked, but what about travel insurance, and do you need it? There are as many types of travel insurance packages as there are types of insurance. You might not even need it as the coverage offered may overlap with other insurances that you’ve purchased. If you still think you need one, though, here are the places you can go travel insurance shopping:

From Insurance Companies Image via Flickr

This is the most common way to purchase travel insurance. There are various companies that offer this insurance in Malaysia, such as Allianz, [...]

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May 16, 2016

Are Package Holidays the Real Deal?

Holidays are meant for you to relax and be stress-free. ¬†That’s where package holiday deals come in. Want a holiday without the stress of pre-planning for it? Package holidays are the way to go. Are they worth it, though?

They’re Pricier

A package holiday is essentially a service rendered to you: a full holiday itinerary, plus accommodations, some meals, and a tour guide, and all you need to do is pay and show up when it’s time to go. None of this comes free, of course. For the cash-strapped who are looking for the best bang or their buck, the package holiday is the first thing to skip. But if you don’t mind paying to be able to forget all about your [...]

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May 13, 2016

Get to Know Your Summonses


If you’ve been driving for a few years, then you’ve probably toed the line of the law at least once when you’re on the road. Maybe it’s that speed limit that didn’t make sense to you when the road was empty. Maybe it was a sneaky five-minute illegal parking by the kerb as you pop into the bank for a quick visit to the ATM. Whatever it is, sometimes you get away, and sometimes you get caught. Use this list to choose your risks wisely!

Categories of Summonses

Not all summonses are made the same, which is why you’re charged more for some offenses and a token sum for others. Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) has classified traffic [...]

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May 12, 2016

Outwit These Budget Airline Tricks!

AirAsia’s belief that “everyone can fly” has become more realistic than ever with the advent of budget airlines. These no-frills, practical, bare-bones flights offer you but the most basic amenities and comforts on flight in exchange for unbeatable prices – or so you think. In fact, you may stand to save even more if you’re eagle-eyed enough to catch these budget airline tricks!

Fly Off-Peak

Doing and going anywhere when it’s off-peak season means lower prices and higher chances of availability, and it’s the same for budget flights, too. The prices can be more than twice as cheap than peak season tickets. Airlines also offer discounts [...]

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