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October 29, 2015

What You Need To Know About Inheritance

Inheritance involves a lot of legal work and with it, legal terms that don’t make sense to laymen. Whether you’re on the receiving end for inheritance or the one thinking about how you want your wealth to be distributed, you might want to brush up your knowledge of inheritance terms.

Maybe you’re wondering, why bother when you can get a lawyer to do it for you? Yes, your lawyer can sort things out for you, but it’s best to be in the know. You should be informed to facilitate execution of the procedures. You should also familiarise yourself with certain specific terms to avoid being unknowingly hoodwinked by anyone hoping to take a bite of your [...]

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October 28, 2015

How to Have Multiple Income Streams

Financial independence need not be a pipe dream. It’s very much possible, except that for most of us, achieving it with only our desk jobs is a challenge. Many of us find it difficult to get by on our main income, but working two jobs isn’t always an option, either. You can, however, take the steps necessary to create multiple income streams as you go.

Become Financially Secure

The first step towards this goal is to make sure you’re financially secure first before you try to branch out. This is easiest if you already have a desk job, since that 9-to-5 job also means a guaranteed pay cheque every month.

Dividing your energies between your full-time job and your secondary [...]

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October 27, 2015

How to Update Your Will

Your will isn’t permanent until the day you pass away. The nature of a will is such that it only takes effect once you have passed on, and therefore can be changed/updated  throughout your lifetime if and when necessary.

When Should You Update Your Will?

The best reason to update your will is if you have acquired more assets and now have a bigger estate to distribute. This will entail adding on to your list of assets and also reallocating your asset distributions.

A change in marital status is another reason to update your will, because you will want to include your spouse in it (or exclude your spouse from it). A will made before marriage will automatically [...]

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October 26, 2015

The Price of Motherhood in Malaysia

It’s no longer strictly the norm to be a stay-at-home mother as it was with our forefathers; in fact, today’s workforce comprises 54% women.

That sounds like an impressive number, until you consider that neighbouring Singapore has a 60% labour participation rate, while Thailand boasts an impressive 70%! How does having a child change your circumstances at the workplace?

You May No Longer Have a Job

While men are advised to study hard in order to become the breadwinners of the family, some old-fashioned thinkers may tell women that it isn’t worth it to study so hard because they’ll end up taking care of children at home.

Times have changed [...]

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