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20 Personal Finance Experts You Should Follow on Twitter
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20 Personal Finance Experts You Should Follow on Twitter

by programmerAugust 5, 2015

Common excuses people give to cover their financial illiteracy are “I do not have enough time to study this” or “since I have no problem paying all my bills every month I don’t have to be reading this stuff”.

Well, find excuses no more: Twitter is the way to go, and it’s just 140 characters long. (In comparison, you’ve read 298 characters so far. Congratulations.)

Check Out the Experts

1.  Farnoosh Torabi – @FARNOOSH

A lady who knows what it is like to be deep in debt.  However, she was able to dig herself out and is now advising people who are in the exact situation she used to be in.

2.  Annamaria Lusardi – @A_Lusardi

She is a strong advocate of financial literacy and often tweets about personal finance knowledge.

3.  Suzardi Maulan – @pakdi7

A Malaysian expert who, among other things, gives advice on how to manage money.

4.  Kimberly Palmer – @alphaconsumer

Delivers her content on personal finance in a way that many can relate to.

5.  Manisha Thakor – @ManishaThakor

Keeps her followers up to date on the current trends of the investing aspect of personal finances.

6.  W. Tune – @WellHeeledBlog

Delivers content on how to stay stylish on a tight budget.

7.  J. Money – @BudgetsAreSexy

An expert who teaches how to budget and save money in a fun and engaging manner.

8.  Money Under 30 – @MoneyUnder30

Teaches millennials how to save and invest safely in the current economy to safeguard their personal finances.

9.  Victor Ricciardi – @victorricciardi

An assistant professor who puts a behavioural spin on personal finance and shares personal finance news daily.

10.  Mary B. Storjoham – @marybstorj

Writes about personal finance issues related to Gen Y-ers.

11.  Sophia Bera – @sophiabera

Another expert who wants to empower Gen Y-ers to be on top of their personal finances.

12.  Lee Ching Wei – @chingwlee

An expert that is familiar with the Malaysian economy.

13.  LaTisha – @YoungFinances

Aims to cultivate good personal finance habits in young people.

14.  Listen Money Matters – @MoneyMattersMan

Another avenue for people to learn about developing good money habits.

15.  Deacon Hayes – @DeaconHayes

Focuses on how people can be frugal with their spending as well as managing their debts.

16.  Kali Hawlk – @KaliHawlk

An expert who is passionate about teaching people to do more with their money than just spending it.

17.  Shannon McLay – @blonde_finance

A personal finance trainer who focuses on how to live life to the fullest while being frugal and managing existing debt.

18.  Stefanie O’Connell – @brokeandbeau

Highlights the financial issues faced by millennials and how to rectify them in a doable fashion.

19.  Shannon Ryan – @TheHeavyPurse

Teaches people how to sort out their personal finance issues by being financially realistic.

20.  Joe Saul-Sehy – @AverageJoeMoney

Concerned with the average person’s financial woes and the fastest ways to fix them.


Whether you choose to follow all of them or just a few, the choice is yours.  The main thing is that you should at least be following one of these personal finance experts because managing your money wisely is the first step to financial freedom.

If what’s holding you back is that you do not have a twitter account (a rare occurrence in this day and age) then it is high time you created one.

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