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How To Talk Money With Your Honey

How To Talk Money With Your Honey

by programmerJuly 27, 2015

Money talks are something all couples dread. Sharing finances means trust, and trust is something that, once broken, can fracture a marriage, which is a very unfavorable outcome. However, it must be talked about, so the least you can do it is to do it tactfully with some do’s and don’ts in mind.

Talk About Money – Do These

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  • Set aside a right time to talk about money. You can do it weekly, fortnightly or monthly…it’s entire up to you. But don’t do it over a meal or when both of you are rushing for something important.It’s also a bad idea to talk about it late at night when both of you are exhausted and feeling cranky. It is important for both of you to understand the family’s finances. Is there a big spending coming up? How much money is in your bank accounts? Is it sufficient to pay the bill?
  • Keep in mind that everyone has their own views on money management. Some people like to spend while some are trained to save. That said, it’s normal for any couple to argue over money.An argument about money does not mean that your relationship is going to down the drain. Just because you have different opinions on finances, both of you still can find a way to agree on a middle-ground.
  • Treat money as a medium to help you achieve something. Money management should be about setting and respecting the financial goals that both of you feel strongly about.You should not be worried about spending as little as possible or building up a savings that’s untouchable. Money is supposed to be spent on the necessities and things that you enjoy doing in life.


Talk About Money – Avoid These

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  • Don’t avoid talking about money until it’s too late. If you think the talk will probably end up in an argument, you might prefer to keep mum over it.But ignoring it may let the issue snowball into something even more serious.Don’t just sit down with your partner and suddenly say, “let’s discuss about money” – it won’t be fair to either of you. Figure out a suitable time to talk about it when you’re both relaxed and in a good mood.
  • Don’t talk about money issues when one of you are angry. You won’t solve any issues when one of you are shouting at the other. If the financial situation is too stressful to handle, take a deep breath, cool your temper and raise your concerns in a calm manner.
  • Don’t always talk about money. Your life is not a reality TV show about money. It’s great that you’re determined to take control of your money, but it’s not healthy to your relationship if you go on about it all the time.Keep your family and its happiness at the top of your priority list and only talk about money during the times you’ve set aside.



Your marriage is worth more than your money. Discuss money rationally and calmly, and your marriage will weather the storm.

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