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6 Ways to Minimise Wedding Debt

6 Ways to Minimise Wedding Debt

by programmerJuly 18, 2015

Weddings are getting more expensive nowadays, and it isn’t just due to inflation or GST. Standards have been climbing when it comes to people’s expectations of a ‘great wedding’, and every bit of those standards incur extra costs for soon-to-be newly-weds.

Wedding debt can grow to quite the significant amount – and all of that just for one, maybe two, days of celebrations. Here are several ways you can still throw a great wedding without spending too much:

1. Budget in advance

The average Malaysian wedding can snowball to RM50,000 quite easily. Seek advice from friends and family regarding the estimated cost of materials and services for the wedding. This includes not just the obvious expenses like the clothes, venue, and catering, but also the small things like door gifts, decorations, and the bride’s bouquet; everything adds up!

Set a realistic budget that both you and your future spouse will be able to cover fully with your current combined incomes, or at least an amount that can be paid off within a few months. This way, you’ll be able to free up your finances much faster to focus on your new family.

2. Take out a personal loan that is within your means

If you’re both not long in the workforce and looking to finance your marriage by yourselves, you may have to take out a personal loan to afford hosting a celebration at all.

The key is to borrow only what you need to finance the wedding and maybe a bit extra to tide you over the honeymoon, but no more. Remember, you’ll have to pay interest on the amount you borrowed, and why’d you willingly start your marital life deep in debt, anyway?

3. Don’t stick to ‘wedding standards’

You’re often encouraged to think out of the box, so it’s perfectly fine for you to be out of the box when it comes to your wedding, too. Wedding standards are becoming ridiculous nowadays, in part no thanks to the rising power of social media and  our hunger for Instagram-worthy photos of every important event. Everything must be glammed up so that it looks perfect from every angle…right?

WeddingImage via Flickr


Wrong. You don’t need a themed wedding. You don’t need exquisite cutlery – although delicious food is very much welcome – and you don’t need a RM10,000 wedding dress to make your wedding day fabulous. (You can, however, want these extravagances, if you can fit them within your budget.) Make sure your guests have a great time, and you’ll have a great wedding already.

4. Trim what isn’t necessary

A wedding invitation in Malaysia is still consider incomplete until you receive a physical invitation card. While this tradition is changing thanks to the advent of the Facebook events page and other social media apps, an invitation card is still very much expected. That’s okay. But do you really need that RM3, rose-scented, music-playing card for every guest just because you love it?

5. Say yes to sponsors

It’s not just celebrities who receive freebies for their weddings. You can, too. If you’re close-knit enough, your friends and members of your community may chip in to help make your wedding easier on your pocket. Maybe your upcoming videographer friend wants the practice and is willing to do your wedding video for you, for free.

Makeup artistImage via Flickr


Or maybe you’ve a makeup artist friend who can help you look beautiful free of charge; or willing to take any amount of payment as a token of appreciation. It’s not cheapskate to accept them; take it as a sign of their happiness for your union, and their willingness to share their happiness with you.

6. If there are no offers, look for them

It may be difficult to swallow your pride and look for help, especially for something as momentous as your own wedding, but there are ways to lower the cost of your wedding without ‘losing face’. You each have your own network of friends to tap into.

Perhaps some of your childhood friends could help bartend or arrange the catering for you. Small business start-ups may also be willing to provide their products and services at a discounted cost in exchange for the exposure they’ll receive at your wedding. Keep looking for opportunities; you’ll find them when you least expect them!


Weddings cost a bomb, and it’s scarily becoming a norm to be saddled with wedding debt just for the sake of shouting out your newly-wed status for a day.

If you can’t afford it entirely in cash, at least ensure that you have a good personal loan with low interest rates so that the repayments will only minimally affect your married life post-wedding day. The celebration, after all, is just the starting point of your life-long union as partners.

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