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4 Reasons Why Smartphones Are An Investment

4 Reasons Why Smartphones Are An Investment

by programmerJuly 18, 2015

Maybe you’re one of the growing minority who doesn’t believe in getting a smartphone since you think none of its tech-charged goodies is anything you need.

Sure, as far as the basics go, both old-school phones and smartphones offer 24/7 connectivity and the occasional gaming spree, but smartphones can do so much more for you that it’s worth it to splurge on one, just this once.

1. They can help you improve your business

Gone are the days when an email address and a mobile phone number are enough to keep your business going strong. Social media is the new keyword. You’ll need at least WhatsApp and WeChat, a Facebook account and maybe LinkedIn, as well as Instagram to stay constantly connected to your customer base, which should grow as you promote your business on these various platforms.

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The more people who click on your profile, the higher your chances of snagging a new customer, and before you know it your business may be the next talk of the town (or the Web)!

2. They’re mini, ultra-portable computers

We’ve transitioned from desktops to laptops, to notebooks, to tablets, and now to smartphones. Who says you can’t type your letters and fill your spreadsheets on your phone?

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Various apps that mimic our staple Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint are available in both Apple and Android app stores, while Windows phones come pre-loaded with a mobile version of the real thing. And if you’re up for a spot of entertainment, just hit up YouTube or download some of the many games available on your phone’s app store.

3. They provide you constant Internet access

Most of those plus-points mentioned above require you to have at least occasional Internet access, for downloading the apps if nothing else. Social networking sites, though, will require you to be constantly connected for the best results.

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What’s the point of having all your favourite contacts on WhatsApp if you get cut off the moment you step out of Wi-Fi zones? Luckily for you, new mobile phone plans come equipped with data plans, both prepaid and postpaid, so you can stay connected always. Now you can conduct your internet banking and Facebook browsing in peace!

4. They’re basically all-in-one devices

Sure, most smartphones (but not all of them) cost a bomb initially, but have you considered the potential savings they may bring you if you were to purchase one? Smartphones today are an amalgamation of various single-use devices, all set and ready to go at the tap of a finger.

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Your smart phone will come equipped with at least one music app (your MP3 player), word processing app (your laptop or desktop), camera (your compact or DSLR), and GPS (your GPS device), and of course calling and SMS services. Now imagine the cost of buying each device separately if you were to stick to your old phone. The numbers really chalk up, don’t they?


The world is changing, and the virtual world is becoming more important than ever. We live in the information age, and the key to staying updated is to stay connected. Just this once, isn’t it better to go with the flow?

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