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June 30, 2015

9 Signs You Are Taking Frugality Too Far

Saving money is a good thing, but saving too much to the point of becoming stingy or selfish tarnishes your image and negatively impacts your lifestyle. Take a look at the 9 signs below to see if you’re being too frugal.

1. You Wash And Reuse Plastic Bags

It’s great that you don’t want to contribute to landfills, but instead of washing and re-using plastic bags, a more sensible idea is to get reusable containers and shopping bags to store your items. This is an example where spending a little more is actually a better idea.

2. You Take From Restaurants

Do you hoard condiment packets such as ketchup, chili sauce, mustard and paper napkins to bring home? [...]

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June 29, 2015

Medical Card: 5 Basic Things You Should Know

A medical card is a handy thing to have when you fall ill or become hospitalised. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a medical card, whether for yourself or for your family members:

1. Panel Hospital

Each insurance company has their own list of collaborating hospitals. If you are admitted to a panel hospital, you don’t need to worry about the claims because all the expenses are directly payable to the hospital from the insurance company. The number of collaborating hospitals varies according to the insurance company. So, it makes more sense to choose a medical card that has more participating hospitals for better convenience

2. [...]
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